lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Merry Christmas

Hello folks! in this time i'm gonna write you about how i lived my Christmas.
This year it was a little strange because is the first time that i'm in class in this period of year. Well first of all I spent the Christmas in my house with my family.
Every year how twenty minutes before Christmas me and my family go out of the house and walked around the square near my house, we do it because my little brother believes in Papa Noel/Viejito pascuero/Santa claus yet, like me.
But this year only me and my brother went to the square , there was very few childrens in comparation with another years. We wait for Santa Claus like thirty minutes approximately and go to home. When we arrived to home we found to much gifts for me and my brothers it was very funny to open it. Before this we have a Christmas dinner where I ate chicken with Philadelphia cheese it was very delicious, I help my sister to cooking it. After open gifts we began to listen music with my father and sister and we drunk some beers and vodka, we stay talking about five of the morning , it was a really great happy Christmas I enjoy it sharing with my family.

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Favourite Beach!


hi, in this time I’m gonna talk about an a beach that i like to much, the beach name is Pichindagui. When I go to pichindangui I like to do some activities like to swimming in the sea, because I love his waves and enjoy too much splash there.
Sometimes I only swimming and go to the bollas when the sea is a little calm because in pichindangui there are so many big waves and too much wind. Another activities that I like is walk and running in the beach but whit company because alone is very boring. Generally I do this activities in the morning because is more fresh and there isn’t too hot. I like the sand of the beach because is very soft and I like to sleep sometimes. This beach is very fun because you can ride horse or drive motorcars, and everyday some people doing funny contests and they play the typical summer music. How often I go to pichinagui? I go sometimes with my family or when I organized whit my friends generally in the summer. I get there because I go for the first time with my family when I was a child and later with my friend that invite me because he have a house in this beach. Another activitie that I forget to say is canoeing it’s very fun activitie and you have to coordinate whit the person that you go. There are the reasons because i like to go pichindangui.

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

An Outdoor Activity you Enjoy Doing

Baby Football

There are many activities that i like to do outdoor when i have free time like riding bycicle with my friends or go to walk near quebrada de macul in the summer generally because it's a beautiful place and there are many rivers to refresh and swiming a long time. when i was a teenager i enjoy a lot playing tennis i was in a tennis school 3 years approximately. And now the activity that i like more to do is playing football in a baby soccer field. i like it because i enjoy the emotion of runing, stolen the ball with creatives moves, doing goals, share with friends etc..
i started to do this activity since the age of 12 and now i play one time in the week approximately because in this moment i work and studyng and i dont have a lot of time.

domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

A song from the past

Día Cero

Today i'm gonna write about a song from the past called "Dia cero" of my favorite band La Ley. Is a song that I remember with affection. It was composed for them in 1994 approximately. Well, I remember this song because my sister listen this band and she show me this song, it was the first song that i listening of them in the 99' approximately, and i like it because the excelent voice of the leader, the melodies and his metaphorical lyrics. I remember this song because i listening in all the concert i've been. and now I hear from time to time and I still love besides that now I understand a little more and makes me feel identified

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

0ne on 0ne

Today i’m gonna have a discussion one on one or face to face with a famous person who died not long ago, his name is Steve Jobs, I would like to have a one on one with this person because he was a genius owner of the most technologic company of software and electronic equipment today , called apple. At the first time I don’t know him because I don’t interested too much about technologic and software products, but when he died and the tv began to show about him it was the first time that I listening his name. His life and how he was built the apple empire was very interesting because he was a smart man with a big creativity and a particular personality that don’t like to all the people who works with him. If I can ask him some questions had told:

¿what’s your bigger dream, and do you realized it?

¿what’s do you think about the world today in all respects?

¿What advice do you give to the people that’s don’t believe in itself?

I would like to do this questions because he was a man who lives the life in so many different forms and must have a great personal experience.