lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

0ne on 0ne

Today i’m gonna have a discussion one on one or face to face with a famous person who died not long ago, his name is Steve Jobs, I would like to have a one on one with this person because he was a genius owner of the most technologic company of software and electronic equipment today , called apple. At the first time I don’t know him because I don’t interested too much about technologic and software products, but when he died and the tv began to show about him it was the first time that I listening his name. His life and how he was built the apple empire was very interesting because he was a smart man with a big creativity and a particular personality that don’t like to all the people who works with him. If I can ask him some questions had told:

¿what’s your bigger dream, and do you realized it?

¿what’s do you think about the world today in all respects?

¿What advice do you give to the people that’s don’t believe in itself?

I would like to do this questions because he was a man who lives the life in so many different forms and must have a great personal experience.