lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Pichanga con los amigos!

well, in my free time i like to do a lot of things, how to play computer games, listen to music, watching movies and tv, hung out with my friends and much more.

But the most like i do it's to play soccer/baby futbol with my friends near my house in La Florida, because it is an activity to do sport very fun and we don't get angry between us when one of the two band lose, also we know us since a lot of time and it's an instance to laugh, remember old times and share. Next the match comes the third time where you can go ever better haha.

I practice this activity usually once a week, generally sunday's day in a soccer field back -Monumental Stadium- in Pedreros.

I've been doing this activiy for five or six years, and we started when we were in the school.
In my life i've been practice tennis and futbol for a long time too, but i prefer the second because it's more watching for fans and is the sport more beatiful in the world.
That's all folks!

See ya!

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Favourite movie

hi everybody again!

on this ocassion im gonna tell you about my favourite movie how the tittle post say

choose the most like movie is not a easy work because i like too many films but im lean to humor

I choose the famous american pie who was filmed in U.S.A by his american director Paul Weizt.

the film came out in 1999 and i see in 2000 alone when i was zapping on tv in my house in santiago de Chile.

I like this movie because is too many funny and at the same time very simple because tell the story about five friends who wants to have sex before to enter the university and every minute happens situations funny and the characters are very good interpreted and everyone of them have a big personality what to do more interesting.

The name of the characters arent very well known some of them are Jasson Bigs how jimmy, Sean william scot how Stifler, Chris klein how Oz, Eddie Kaye tomas how Finch and Tomas Ian Nicholas how Kevin.

If you are not watch this movie i recomended that you watch it with your friends or family because have a humor very interesting haha and is simple to understand.

For me it's not a typical kinf of film becauste it was the first of his type.

and it's better than other films of humor for his simple form of development and as the story goes. This movie have 5 films more but the three first are the best.


Earthquake Story

Hi everybody on this ocassion i am gonna tell you about my personal experience in the earthquake's day, especifically the biggest in the world in february 27th.

Well, near 3 am i was in the computer how a normal day playing music, chat, gaming, etc...

i was the only one in my family who stayed wake up when begun the vibrations first.

I thing that it was a normal seism, but when i see the long time of duration of this and the

computer turned off i begun to fear, then all my family get out of their rooms and we meet under a wall. I was scared i think i'll die. But for luck don't happened anything in my house and me and my family are good.

And now i hope that the people more afected can rebuild their lifes and be good.

see ya!

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

First PosT

Hi! this is my first post because i cant take english after S:
well in my blog i will tell you things i like to do and thats for now
see ya