lunes, 21 de junio de 2010


Hello Partners!!
In this time i'm going to talk you about one of my favourites work of art from a music album. In this case the album is called -Invisible- of the chilean rock band La Ley who began playing long and separated in 07' and is my favourite band and i began to listen them since 1998.
the cover art was created in 1995 when they released that album and when i was a child, this album have songs very good how: Animal, día cero, el duelo, hombre and cielo market, songs that i listen to songs today.
This is the principal reason to be one of my favourites from my collection of work of arts, because the songs name have a great writting that mix poetry, metaphors and a great melody with different instruments that make you think diferent perspectives. In my case when i saw for first time the image i don't like very much because if you see it is very simple with two color principally black of the background and skyblue of the hands in middle even found it boring. But after of a long time i started to give it a new meaning while i listen the album and i try to understand it, i imagine those hands being opened little by little show us things that have happened and still remain in our memory for diferent reasons that only we know the real mean.
is for these reasons it is so special to me.
see ya

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010


Hello Folks, in this time im going to talk you about my favourite website.
I think my favourite website is the famous world Google (
I normally visit this page at least 10-15 times a day because this is my homepage.
This can sound boring but my favourite pages that i visited i know it for use google.
I used this page everyday since 2000 because it was in this year that i know it through television.
With this page i can looking for anything i want how lyric songs, videos, information, games, stupid things, images and principally another websites that help me to don't boring me and for homeworks or study.
and i like very much this page because it's have a very simple design and is very easy to use also you can create a e-mail (Gmail) to send and save a great deal information where you can chat at the same time that you do this actions.
The best thing about it is you can be informed about what is currently happening in the world.
I think is the best searcher in the internet (another yahoo, altavista..) and i don't know anyone who does not like or do not ever used :D

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010


Maybe my best holyday was when i went to visited Southern Chile and Bariloche with my school's partners, it was in 2007.
we took a bus from Santiago to Puerto Varas and we spent the night in a excelent hotel who was in front of the beatiful Llanquihue Lake.
It was an a excellent experience because i was very fun moments in the week whit my partners and i could see them true temperaments, and for last we went to a disco and we enjoy very mch it.
on the trip I could see many beatiful landscapes from my country, and remember somes places that i've visited when i was a child.
We stay two days in Puerto Varas and later we arrived to Bariloche, Argentina.
when we arrived to bariloche the first i think was that it a beatiful city with amazing landscapes and a nice weather. In this city we did many activities how go to an ice rink, chocolate factory, and travel for the city, in this town i bought some chocolates and clothes. I love this city for that's reason and for her beatiful girls ;D. this city have a beatiful lake but i dont remember the name.

I'd like to make this trip once again with my friends and stay for a long time.
that's for now, while my partner naxo restart my pc ._.

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

How I felt while I was talking?

Hello FoLks!!
In this time i'm going to talk you about my experience when i was talking about my hobbies that i like to do when i have a lot of free time.
they are four principally: hung out with my friends, play and watch soccer, listening to music and play computer games.
when i began my presentation i feel a little nervous, but as time went i feel better and i can explain all my hobbies,it was in this moment when i don't feel the time, i felt that way very fast time and i was feeling very good :).

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Current MusiC!!!11

Hi animals!!!!!
In this time in my free topic i'm going to talk you about something very important in my daily life, that's musical tastes.
First of all i have to say that i began to listening rap music since 2002, in that year i like very much various types of music how rock, pop, a little of metal, punk and more.
But when i discovered the rap music i can't stop listening it, because i loved the beats, bases, sample and principally the writes and the message that give me. Because there is a message that talks about the fight versus poverty and the prejudices who have the people in front about the underclass and a lot of topics more expressing how they lives them daily lifes making you feel identified with the song, and i love that because you can see that there are people going the same as your.
I began to listening spanish rap music because they have a particular style to rap how more elegant and using more words to explain and they talks about diferent topics how them experiences in there situations life.
I listening spanish raps groups how: Falsalarma, arma blanca, SFDK, Violadores del verso, Nach, Abram , tote king, Shotta, triple xxx, jesuly, dogma crew,el chojin, la mala rodriguez, Zpu, Isusko & Sbrv etc...

I was listening to spanis rap music for a long time, but in 2009 i know my bro VixO (ex Lemuna2g) who give me a boost to listen a new style of rap music, and i like it and since 2009 i began to listening more chilean rap and look diferents styles.
I take the rap in a very serious in my life, because i feel it, i listening it when i have problem, when i feel bad, I rap and I am glad your day better.

Mi favourite rap singer is the big: Nach Scratch
In gonna give you one of him song:

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Osea Hello

In this time i'm going to talk about a blog's partner who is Fernanda. (El Blog de la Feña xd)
The first i have to say it's her blog's tittle (The fragil art of existence)i think is very interesting because is a sentence that you can interpreted and think about life.
Well at least she has written six post about diferent topics how: Chile's earthquake, favourite thing and movie, what's she like to do in her free time and more.
There pictures are very nice because represent that she want to say in her post, and the blog's style is simple with a green blackground with a little details how circles with diferents colors.
My first impresision about her blog was great because she invited us to share and know a little more about her life and and things that she likes to do.

Now, it's time to correct any mistake:
" We move the Earth.
February 27 earthquake (WT)woke me and my family.(/WT)
The roar of the earth was very frightening, and my house, moved as if about to fall. That night no one slept, and all the neightbors got together in the square to slow down.
With a haevy heart, i thought of all my family, my uncles in Constitución, for example

I found it hard to go back to sleep, because my sister was very scared, thought the world was angry with us.

Fortunately (WE)we suffered no damage(/WE), my family is well.

Life is so fragile, and so normal geological activities. u.u

Pd: 8,8 Ritcher, considerer a mega earthquake!!!!
I think that the earthquake (SP)shook(/SP) our society showing it (WW)ats(/WW) its most vulnerable and under, but also showed the courage and hope to succeed”

Sp= Spelling
Ww= Wrong word
WE= Wrong Expression
WT= Wrong tense

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Pichanga con los amigos!

well, in my free time i like to do a lot of things, how to play computer games, listen to music, watching movies and tv, hung out with my friends and much more.

But the most like i do it's to play soccer/baby futbol with my friends near my house in La Florida, because it is an activity to do sport very fun and we don't get angry between us when one of the two band lose, also we know us since a lot of time and it's an instance to laugh, remember old times and share. Next the match comes the third time where you can go ever better haha.

I practice this activity usually once a week, generally sunday's day in a soccer field back -Monumental Stadium- in Pedreros.

I've been doing this activiy for five or six years, and we started when we were in the school.
In my life i've been practice tennis and futbol for a long time too, but i prefer the second because it's more watching for fans and is the sport more beatiful in the world.
That's all folks!

See ya!

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Favourite movie

hi everybody again!

on this ocassion im gonna tell you about my favourite movie how the tittle post say

choose the most like movie is not a easy work because i like too many films but im lean to humor

I choose the famous american pie who was filmed in U.S.A by his american director Paul Weizt.

the film came out in 1999 and i see in 2000 alone when i was zapping on tv in my house in santiago de Chile.

I like this movie because is too many funny and at the same time very simple because tell the story about five friends who wants to have sex before to enter the university and every minute happens situations funny and the characters are very good interpreted and everyone of them have a big personality what to do more interesting.

The name of the characters arent very well known some of them are Jasson Bigs how jimmy, Sean william scot how Stifler, Chris klein how Oz, Eddie Kaye tomas how Finch and Tomas Ian Nicholas how Kevin.

If you are not watch this movie i recomended that you watch it with your friends or family because have a humor very interesting haha and is simple to understand.

For me it's not a typical kinf of film becauste it was the first of his type.

and it's better than other films of humor for his simple form of development and as the story goes. This movie have 5 films more but the three first are the best.


Earthquake Story

Hi everybody on this ocassion i am gonna tell you about my personal experience in the earthquake's day, especifically the biggest in the world in february 27th.

Well, near 3 am i was in the computer how a normal day playing music, chat, gaming, etc...

i was the only one in my family who stayed wake up when begun the vibrations first.

I thing that it was a normal seism, but when i see the long time of duration of this and the

computer turned off i begun to fear, then all my family get out of their rooms and we meet under a wall. I was scared i think i'll die. But for luck don't happened anything in my house and me and my family are good.

And now i hope that the people more afected can rebuild their lifes and be good.

see ya!

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

First PosT

Hi! this is my first post because i cant take english after S:
well in my blog i will tell you things i like to do and thats for now
see ya