domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

Correction Post: Fran !

Fire Tiger

My Chinese zodiac is fire tiger, I like very much read the horoscope but I prefer Maya, because is more exact, and in this zodiac mi sign is magnetic white wizard.  I Think the description is more complete .  I didn’t read the horoscope for this year get, and I want to do it but I can’t find a good reference on internet and books are too expensive so I usually wait until somebody else buy one and then i can read it.  The description sound like me almost because I don’t agree with somethings, for example it said that we are competitive, but I don’t think so, even is all contraire, I hate been competitive since I was younger  and I practice athletics. I think it’s no fair and really I have a problem with that, always prefer collaborating with other.  Mutual aid is always better that competition.  Today even I have been read books about that. Is for what I told you that I don’t like to be challenge to much or maybe I don’t like recognize that.  Everything else is  right and sound just like me, I feel that I am unpredictability, always protecting people who I love, I speak when I feel is necessary , I jump from work to job, I need to be balanced, I am creative, and try to dominate my relationships or prefer to be alone, I am a little bit eccentric. Description said that we are excellent leader but I don’t like to much. 

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