lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Valle Central

The city never sleep

Hello partners, in this time I’m going to write about Santiago, Chile’s capital. First of all I live in La Florida that forms part of this city, it’s a big town. Well there are many things that I like for example the different kind of places that you can find here like museums, zoo, cine, theaters, public squares, stadiums, different commercial neighborhoods, variety of architecture  etc. I like these things because if you go to another of Chile’s regions you don’t have all these places to see and activities to do or you can’t buy things that you want. The things that I don’t like of Santiago are numerous, the first and principally it’s the smog and contamination of the air because as Santiago is in a central valley the smog accumulates over here and can produced damage in the health of the people, but the people don’t have conscience and they don’t know that in a few years they are gonna feel the consequences. I don’t like the transporting system called “Transantiago” because it’s inefficient after many years yet and is very stressing for the people who have to use it like me and another big part of the capital’s people. Other thing that I don’t like is the accumulation of people that’s produced in the Santiago center, I feel uncomfortable and it’s boring and slow to walk with all the people around you, in that sense I don’t have very much patience. Santiago could be a better place if the people who administrate here was a little more intelligent and spend the money in working things, like more square and green areas or sustainable projects that don’t affect the environment. Tips that I give to a visitor will be tell him interesting places that I like and where he can have a fun time !.

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  1. You live under the bridge! you dont have a house! I dislike santiago because you live on there! :P

  2. Transantiago is the worst invetion for this city. I'm so sad for this.